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Envision is the all-in-one Touch servers, which acts as user interface and as server for other clients for the complete control of the home/building. It is characterized by stylish high-quality materials, top-class capacitive touch screens, has direct KNX TP connection and can establish a bidirectional interaction with other devices such as Philips Hue and BTicino MyHome.


Envision is also available with Z Wave Transceiver included, as ideal solution for the complete control of your home or building 

Envision Touch Server | M2J SYSTEMS

“Same power and functionalities of the ThinKnx Micro server but with additional Z-Wave transceiver. It allows to seamlessly control Z-Wave wireless devices from KNX and viceversa permitting to have a convenient turnkey solution also for restorations or where KNX is not usable.

micro-z-wave -M2JSYSTEM

When many systems have to be integrated in the same building, Rack is the ideal solution. With a lot of external ports to connect different systems or devices, the Rack grants the highest performance and the best automation for the smart building. It embeds all the features of the other ThinKnx server models without restrictions.


Brickbox is the ThinKnx product line that allows the connection to KNX plant of systems that don't natively support this protocol. Taking advantage of all the functions already integrated in ThinKnx products, through Brickbox it is possible to control, in a bidirectional and fully configurable way, audio sources like Sonos and Nuvo, multimedia systems, alarm devices and systems based on other buses like Modbus, SCS (MyHome), etc. 


Audiofy is the simple yet powerful integrated multiroom professional audio system created by Thinknx. Only one device combines audio matrix routing, power amplifiers for each output and up to four independent network players. The system permits to spread audio contents from external analog sources or from internal players towards up to 16 rooms with superior pure sound quality.


Although the small dimensions, this server is a powerful device designed for KNX. Through its KNX bus connector it can control lights, rollers, thermostats, HVAC and through a powerful processor it can elaborate complex logic operation on the data read from KNX.


These data can also be stored in the cloud and elaborated in charts displayed on the client apps or sent via e-mail. Another important feature consists in the control of IR transmitters, which allows to control TVs and different multimedia devices through smartphones or tablets. This device provides also integration for IP doorcoms, Philips Hue and BTicino MyHome.


This server is the key for advanced automation. In addition to all the simple KNX operations, through its KNX bus connector and external ports, Compact allows different worlds such as KNX, Modbus, Lutron, Dali, BTicino MyHome to communicate with each other.


It supports connections with security devices such as anti-theft systems or multimedia systems such as audio and video matrix. Everything can be integrated following the logics chosen by the installer and by the user. Designed for high-performances, it hasn't limitations on the amount of configurable systems.


thinknx-compact-M2J SYSTEMS

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